How to pick a dentist

Finding the right dentist can be difficult....

There are a lot of dentists in Utah, man it is a "buyers market" for sure. Every day I get a piece in the mail from a different dental office.  Most have similar offers.

"Free Whitening for life..........Exam and X-ray's FREE........Cleaning $59..........and on and on." These are excellent "bait and switch" tactics. Yes the exam/whitening is free, but they will make that up on the back end. No one works for free. Also remember, a filling/crown is not a filling/crown is not a filling/crown. Some dentists are just simply better at doing dentistry. A dentist with a solid warranty is confident in his/her dentistry. One that won't stand behind their work would make me nervous.

The other thing that happens quite often is people cold call our office in need of a dentist.  Usually they are just going down a list their insurance company provided.  They aren't quite sure what to ask.  Some ask, "Is the dentist good?" or " How much is a Crown?" in an attempt to get a feel for the dentist office. That is not a bad idea.

Other people go online and check out the reviews. That is actually a good idea. I will offer that if an office has a ton more reviews than anyone else, they are "padding their stats".  You should check all the review sites, not just google. Offices pad their google reviews so they show up higher in the search engines. 

In addition to these other options you should simply ask around. Your friends will have very valuable input for you. 

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